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I have known Louisa for about 6 or 7 years. She's always been passionate about being and keeping fit. As a skilled Pilates instructor she brings that passion to her classes. She will work you hard but above all she will ensure that you have fun doing it. Good luck Louisa. - Carol Pepperell

I was suffering with back pain and went to see a physiotherapist. As I was a cyclist she suggested Pilates as a good exercise combination. Lou’s class has made a huge difference already. I now know how to protect my back - Alison Barber

I am fairly new to Pilates but I am feeling the benefits already. Both my flexibility and muscle tone have improved. Louisa’s classes are relaxed and friendly and she is great at ensuring you understand the moves and are performing them correctly and her enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious! - Jane Fisher

Louisa's enthusiasm and passion for Pilates is infectious! I had never tried Pilates before but I was keen to give it a go. I'm always looking for fun ways to improve my fitness and work on my core in particular. Louisa's sessions are structured, factual and highly motivating. Her instructions are clear and she always reinforces with demonstrations. As a visual learner this is really important for me. Louisa is an excellent role model, and an inspiration for us all. I have already learnt so much, after just two sessions and I have been practicing some of the exercises at home. I can't believe how strong I'm feeling already! Louisa is able to adapt the exercises for everyone and I leave feeling exhilarated - Louise Ragettli-Cross

As a 54 year old lady who has NEVER exercised, I booked private sessions with Louisa. I highly recommend Pilates to everyone, any age, and any fitness level. Pilates has strengthened and toned my entire body. My posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that I didn't think was possible. My advice to anyone considering Pilates is try it! Find the time! After years of back and neck pain, and three surgeries to correct these problems, I was never pain free until I took up Pilates. I no longer require any medication, have no back or neck pain. Pilates has transformed me physically and more so by taking up Pilates I am fitter than I have ever been. Louisa runs Dynamic private sessions. She is passionate, fun but professionally inspiring. Her tailored private sessions were set out to suit my needs. She also built up my confidence and all the negativity I had was channeled to a more positive approach to Pilates. Louisa is supportive and her praise to each small achievement helped to push me further than I ever thought capable. I have enjoyed my private sessions so much with Louisa that I now have the confidence to join larger classes. My body is now toned, my posture is fantastic and most of all, I am finally pain free – Anne Herbert

Being a complete novice I was initially apprehensive about Pilates, but straight away Louisa me feel extremely welcome and comfortable. Although I'm not usually one for formal classes I can see myself getting hooked on Pilates, after just two session with Louisa I already feel stronger......and a lot less sore the day after!!! – Liz Bridle

My job involves sitting down in a car all day and after being advised by my chiropractor to take some Pilates classes I contacted Louisa. She took the time to assess which exercises were best suited to help stretch and lengthen my back. Louisa explained each move and demonstrated when needed, to make sure I understood how to do each one correctly. Also the studio itself is set in beautiful woodlands which also helps create a very calming experience. I can’t wait for my next class! Thank you Lou really loving the classes – Allison Rudd